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Roof Garden


Welcome to our studio

Gardens play a key role in the world we live in. At Clay Tully Landscape Architecture, we strive with every design to create highly personalized gardens that are tailored to our clients’, their needs, and lifestyle. We design with you in mind.  Whether it is simple curb appeal, customized living spaces, master planning, or more, we work hard to capture the unique expression of our innovation and your vision. 

As a licensed landscape architect and contractor with over 10 years experience in both design and construction, Clay not only brings an artistic eye for design and how to best utilize space, but also delivers practical solutions that are grounded in clients' needs and budget. Every project begins with the belief that each garden space is unique to the land, architecture, and the methods for bridging the gaps between. At Clay Tully Landscape Architecture, we are at the intersection where concept, creativity, and construction meet.  Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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