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From Drawings & Ideas To Built Gardens



Throughout the design process, being able to visualize the space is key.  At Clay Tully Landscape Architecture, we pride ourselves in being able to detail and represent our ideas with real-world views and taking you from the two-dimensional plans to artistic renditions of what the garden will look and feel like.



Every project and garden is different and our designs follow the same trend.  With each new design, we cater to the goals, style, and aspirations of our individual clients.  By truly getting to know who we are serving and their space, this provides the opportunity to develop an outdoor environment completely unique and customized for the users to enjoy.



No matter the size of the project, vision, or end goal, it is best to plan with the complete picture in mind.  This allows for all spaces to flow and compliment one another no matter the phase, stage, or strategy for implementation.  Planning with intent and a clear objective gets you closer to a beautiful and purposeful garden.



Plants add more than just ambiance and greenery to a project, they tell the story of the site and the style of the space.  Plants are all unique and can speak bounds in their own way.  Plants indicate the micro-climate, type, and health of the soil, what regional fauna and pollinators exist, and what cultural uses people have.    

For living spaces, plants can truly add the "wow" factor to outdoor life and provide further purpose and meaning.  Whether you love seeing hummingbirds, insects, and butterflies gracefully floating around your pollinator garden, or you pride yourself as a chef and want to cook using fresh herbs and fruit from your culinary garden, there is a style that is not only unique to you but the land as well.        



The “Devil is in the Details”.  Renderings and construction detailing are more than just drawings and art pieces, they provide crucial answers that need to be revealed before ground is broken.  They show the heights of walls, pergolas, structures, water features, depths of footings, proposed materials, etc.  Without this information, it is impossible to get accurate project costs which may inevitably lead to costly change orders down the road.  At Clay Tully Landscape Architecture, we pride ourselves in designing with these details in mind and producing plan sets that clearly and graphically show the design intent and end goal.



Design is more than just the style and materials you choose, but the connections built from inside to the outside world.  These connections can be visual, functional, or aesthetically purposeful. No matter what the direction a design flows, these patterns tell the story of the users and the place they built.



Plants also share a story within the design.  Their story can be told through how they are used, the color and texture of their leaves and flowers, how much care they need, where they are growing, and how they compliment the built and architectural elements that will neighbor them on site. 

For planting plans, we go beyond symbols and scientific names on paper.  We take the extra steps required to help our clients visualize the plant material before they are installed and can be excited about what is growing and living in their garden.   



Ever notice the charm a butterfly or hummingbird has within an outdoor space?  Or the impact of dogwood or lilac in full bloom?  These subtleties help define the character of space and can reach us on a deeper level.  The beauty within the aromas, the color, and the natural world can truly resonate within someone when used appropriately and effectively.  We strongly believe in finding and utilizing these links that go beyond just aesthetics, but find the connection between the built and natural world.



Outdoor kitchens, fire pits, benches, pergolas, and more, we can design within any parameters and details you need to accommodate the lifestyle you want.  These specifics are what truly make your garden yours and we work our hardest to provide your goals and style of living with our design and drawings.



Like most great things in life, if it is worth having it is worth the dedication and heart to get there.  With every job, we dedicate ourselves to providing the end result you long for.  We carefully craft the lifestyle you envision and provide the roadmap to get there.  Gardens are more than just plants and green space, it is an extension of your living space.  It is where you unwind at the end of a long day, where you share moments with friends and family, where you cook and dine, and where you find time to connect with something greater than yourself.  It is more than just a garden, but a reflection of you and how you want to live.



Inspiration and ideas can happen anywhere.  It happens with conversation, visiting new places, and on a simple napkin sketch.  During conceptual phases, the fluidity of sketching helps steer the project into its overall idea, theme, and vision.  This is just another tool we use to help get one step closer to your desired outcome.

Shannon_Color_Sk2 (1).jpg


Building a garden is a collaborative process between all team members involved, especially those who live and use the space.  There is nothing more important to us than making sure that our time together results with the garden and space of your dreams.  We work closely with you to ensure the end result meets and surpasses your expectations.

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